'Nova' the Galah Original Artwork

Galah's are such characters. I feel like the further south you travel in Australia, their pink feathers seem to deepen in colour and thus in Brisbane they are a paler pink. We get plenty of them in our neighbourhood and if there's one around, their mate isn't far away. I love to hear their sweet little chirp when flying by and the way they watch you with such interest from up high in the branches!

Their conservation status is secure nation wide so chances are you are graced with their presence also!

This original artwork measures 21.0 x 29.7 centimeters and is painted on watercolour paper using watercolour paint and black pen. This is a one off original design which will not be reproduced.

This painting is sold unmounted and unframed.

Pricing includes registered post within Australia, please contact [email protected] to obtain an international shipping quote.