About the artist


About the artist

Hi there and welcome to bettybluebelle!         

My name is Anna and I'm the sole creator and designer here. When painting I predominately work in watercolour, however more recently have been exploring with gouache and acrylics aswell. 

Since beginning bettybluebelle, I have expanded my range to include original artworks, prints, baby milestone cards, affirmation cards, greeting cards, fabric design and earrings. I have also worked with other small businesses to design artworks for their own products.

My designs are painted with floral and animal lovers in mind but especially those who love Australian native plants, animals and birds. I am passionate about the conservation of the Australian bush and hope to raise awareness of our native plants and the effect they have on the ecosystem as a whole. 

I really enjoy painting these pieces that spark love, memories and happiness for the viewer. It is amazing to be able to help my customers create a beautiful, natural vibe in their homes, a space where they can relax and be at peace in their surroundings. Sustainable practices and creating an awareness of the environmental footprint we leave on the earth are very important to me so all of my greeting cards are made from 100% recycled card and vegetable inks. I am also exploring biodegradable cellophane for my print artworks. 

I truly hope you enjoy viewing my artworks and find something you can admire everyday in your own home!