'Atlas' the Red-Backed Fairy-Wren Original Artwork

'Atlas' the Red-Backed Fairy-Wren Original Artwork

There is a lake at the end of our street and we are so lucky that we frequently get to see these little guys flitting about. They are the smallest Australian fairy-wren and the males don the red and black colouration during mating season.

Fun fact: they are among the least faithful birds in the world with females often having eggs fathered by several different males in their nests!

Possibly due to this, their conservation status in Queensland is secure!

This original artwork measures 21.0 x 29.7 centimeters and is painted on watercolour paper using watercolour paint, acrylic paint and paint pens. This is a one off original design which will not be reproduced.

This painting is sold unmounted and unframed.

Pricing includes registered post within Australia, please contact [email protected] to obtain an international shipping quote.